Update: Chrysler Releases Photos of Upcoming 200 Sedan

Following up on last month’s introduction of the Chysler 200, the automaker has now released several photos showing us more of the new car’s exterior.  While no additional specifications were given, the photos give a much better impression of the Sebring’s replacement.  Click past the jump for the gallery and my impressions.

The new 200 looks to be a handsome sedan, with upmarket touches such as LED “eyebrows” over the headlamps, stylish wheels and BMW-esque rear taillights.  The grille looks more like that of the Chrysler 300, its big brother.

The chrome is a bit thick but isn’t out of line for today’s designs, which tend to use a lot of the bright stuff.  The pictures also show a slimmed-down 300, complete with the rakish back glass and rounded-off gunslit side windows.  For anyone who likes the look of the 300 but wants a smaller car, the 200 should fit the bill.

Check back here in the coming months, as I’m sure Chrysler will be releasing photos of the interior in short time.

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by John Suit

Source: Chrysler


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