Introducing the Chrysler 200

The Chrysler Sebring started out in the 1990s as a decent mid-sized sedan, with coupe and convertible variants added in.  Nowadays, it’s sales are slow and it’s the butt of many jokes.  Chrysler is looking to change that with the Chrysler 200 mid-sized sedan.  It will be replacing the long-in-the-tooth Sebring probably later this year, since it’s listed as a 2011 model.  Follow the jump for details and a few more teaser photos.

The new 200 is a complete redesign of the Sebring, including different underpinnings.  Since the Sebring nameplate has been so tarnished as of late, and the Chrysler 300 is still selling fairly well, it makes sense to use a similar nomenclature, although I really dislike the automotive industry’s penchant for naming their vehicles using alphanumeric gibberish.

With a new 4-cylinder engine and the company’s new corporate “Pentastar” V6, the 200 should have plenty of power.  Featuring a new suspension, it should be able to put that power to use.  The new car should compete well with the likes of Honda and Toyota, or more likely, Ford and GM, if you can get buyers into the dealerships.

by John Suit

Source: Chrysler


2 Responses to “Introducing the Chrysler 200”

  • Chrysler 200? All you need to know is that they still plan on offering a 4 speed transmission. And, how can they be talking of “improved ride, improved suspension geometry, new tires”, etc. if this is a new car? Aren’t they admitting that this is just a rebadging of the Sebring? I bet it’s a snoozer.

  • From what I’ve read, the 4-speed transmission will only be in the base model. Get away from the base, and you’ll get the 6-speed. I doubt many 4-speeds will be cruising around. You’re right that since it’s got revised suspension, etc., that it isn’t technically a new car, but with the majority of its underpinnings having been modified from the Sebring’s setup, and the new sheetmetal, it sort of qualifies as a new car. I doubt it will be a snoozer with the new Pentastar V6, as long as the revised setup actually delivers a better ride than the current car.


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