Update: Nissan commercial features new 2011 SV Sport model (w/video)

After last weeks’ update involving pricing and changes to the 2011 Nissan Maxima, several members of the Maxima.org Internet forum have found a video on YouTube of a new commercial featuring the 2011 Maxima.  It appears to be a Sport model, so those who watch closely can see the changes that were made for the new model year.  Video after the jump.

by John Suit

Source: YouTube via Maxima.org


4 Responses to “Update: Nissan commercial features new 2011 SV Sport model (w/video)”

  • Im sooo loving the changes from the darker grille to the smoked headlights and the exhaust pipe tips, im really looking forward to getting me a 2011 nissan maxima w/sport or premium package. This is the car that ive been dreaming of having……!

  • The changes are slight, but definitely make the Sport model stand out from its regular and Premium brethren. I hope you enjoy your Maxima if you get it, and of course, use the Forums or email to keep me up to date on your experience with it!

  • Oh i definitely will keep you up to date, a friend of mines whos dad owns a nissan dealership will bring ova a blk one to my house for i can get a better and private look and feel of one when he gets one in. Im ready to sign my life away for one lol.

  • Which dealership is that?


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