Nissan announces pricing for 2011 Maxima

Fans of Nissan’s 4DSC now know how much it would cost them to pick up a brand new one, thanks to a press release issued by the automaker today.  For the base “S” model, you’ll need to shell out $30,810, and for the up-level “SV” trim, you’re looking at $33,530, increases of $350 over their respective 2010 trim levels.  Add in the $750 destination charge, and the 2011 prices change to $31,560 and $34,280 for the S and SV models, respectively.  For more details and lots of pictures, follow the jump.

Distinctions between the 2010 and 2011 models are going to be hard to spot unless the car you’re looking at is an “SV Sport” example.  On all Maximas, the exhaust tips will be different, and on the aforementioned Sport models, smoked headlamp covers and “black chrome” grilles, as well as different contrast stitching on the leather interior will differentiate themselves from the S, SV and SV Premium cars.  New colors include Brilliant Silver and Metallic Slate.

Since the 7th generation Maxima has only been in existence since the 2009 model year, I’d expect a 2012 mid-cycle refresh, and perhaps a 2014 or 2015 model refresh, if Nissan follows a 5-year cycle for its models.

Also, since it’s so similar to the 2010 model, and no structural or mechanical changes have been made, check out my review of the 2010 Maxima.

by John Suit

Source: Nissan


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