Toyota Sienna Recall Information

In April of this year, Toyota recalled their 1998-2010 Sienna minivans over spare tire carrier corrosion issues.  In areas that use road salt to combat snow and ice, the spare tire carrier may corrode and actually let the spare tire fall off of affected minivans.  Six months later, they still haven’t released a permanent fix, and a lot of owners are upset over it.  Owners in Canada can’t even register their vehicles because of this outstanding recall.

The following link will show you all Sienna recall-related posts on Road Reality:

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Toyota has a quick link for information as well: Click here

As an update, the last I heard from Toyota was that we should see a resolution to this recall sometime this month (October, 2010).  Once I hear something, rest assured that I will immediately post the information here on Road Reality.

UPDATE: 10/19/2010: I just spoke to Brian Lyons of Toyota USA, and he gave me some good info. Click here to read what he had to say.


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2 Responses to “Toyota Sienna Recall Information”

  • The spare tire for my Sienna is currently in my trunk because I needed to use it when my tire blew out last month. Cable didn’t reel in when I went to put the sapre back underneath after getting the tire fixed. Dealer told me to call in 2 weeks to see if a resolution for the recall was developed. In the meantime, I only have a 1/2 a trunk and need the space for my family.

    How long will it take to get a fix? Then how long to get an appt?

  • Well, almost 5 months have gone by and finally my recall has been completed by Toyota. Not their finest moment!

    I’m happy to have my interior space back again!

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