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How-To and Review: Husky Wheel Well Liners for 2015+ Ford F-150

2015-ford-f-150-husky-wheel-well-liners-installedSomething I noticed on my 2011 F-150, as well as the current one, is the unfinished look of the rear wheel wells.  You can see half-painted metal, as well as shocks and the underside of the bed… all things I think ought to be covered, especially on a truck whose MSRP was close to $60,000.  Recently, I saw a deal online, so I snagged a set of Husky’s Wheel Well Liners.  Continue reading to see how to install them, what issues I had, and how the truck looks after the install.

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Video: Ferrari FF Plays in the Snow

Last week, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, forecasting another 6 weeks of winter for us in the continental US.  I don’t normally post about any Ferrari-related, but I’m giving an exception to this video.  Click past the jump for a primer on the Ferrari FF and a 2-minute, 46-second video of it being handily driven around a prepared snow track.

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128,000 Ford Fusions and Mercury Milans Recalled over Wheel Stud Issue

2010 Mercury Milan

Last week, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that Ford is recalling over 128,000 Ford Fusions and its sister car, the Mercury Milan, because of a problem with the wheel studs.  The recall only effects Fusions and Milans with steel wheels, not alloy ones.  Wheel studs are threaded bolts by which a vehicle’s wheels are attached.  They run through the brake hub, and if enough of them break, the wheel could literally fall off of the car.  Continue reading for more details and the NHTSA’s press release.

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Test Drive: 2011 Infiniti FX 35 AWD

There are lots of entrants in the ever-popular luxury crossover/SUV arena.  Infiniti jumped in several years ago with their first generation FX series.  Built on the same platform as the G37 coupe and sedan, as well as the smaller EX35 crossover, the FX35’s second iteration retains its sporty demeanor and love-it-or-hate-it styling.  Read on for my impressions during my test drive.

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2005-2006 Ford F-150 Recalled over Airbag Issue

The NHTSA has been looking into the many complaints it has received about the airbags on 2005-2006 Ford F-150 pickup trucks, 77 of which have led to injuries.  It turns out that a wire in the steering wheel can cause the airbag located there to go off, which can easily cause injuries.  More details after the jump.

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Cadillac Escalade – Gone in 14 Seconds? (w/video)

Fourteen seconds.  That’s about the time it takes to unlock, get into, and start my car.  For car thieves, that’s how long it takes to steal a late-model GM SUV – including the Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Suburban – says a report from Detroit’s WXYZ, an ABC affiliate.  The reason the vehicles are so easy to steal?  They’re missing safety and theft deterrent features found on almost all cars these days.  Continue past the jump for a more in-depth explanation and WXYZ’s own video.

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