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Product Review: GoPro Hero3 White Edition (w/Video)

GoPro Hero3 White EditionThe GoPro Hero cameras have been out for several years now, and have become popular with adrenaline junkies all over the world.  While there are several dedicated dashboard cameras in use overseas, the options here in America are a bit constrained, to say the least.  Since Washington, D.C.-area drivers do a lot of stupid things behind the wheel, I thought it’d be a great idea to run my own dash cam, so I started researching them, and ended up choosing the GoPro Hero3.  Click past the jump for why, and my review of it.  Keep in mind that I’m writing this review for the Hero3 with dash cam usage in mind.  If you have any more questions about the Hero3, feel free to contact me!

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Video: NHTSA Distracted Driving PSA (w/Poll)

NHTSA PSA Video ScreengrabDistracted Driving is in my top three pet peeves behind the wheel, if my top pet peeve.  Accidents caused by distracted driving are so tragic, because they’re easily prevented.  For phones, Bluetooth connectivity helps quite a bit, and the prices have come down, so I’m curious as to why it hasn’t become commonplace, even when states like Maryland pass Distracted Driving laws making it illegal to use your phone without being hands-free.  Hopefully this new PSA by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) can start to curb the latest in in-car distractions.  Click through the jump to see the videos.

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Time-Lapse Video of F-150 Being Washed and Waxed

WashAndWaxTruck_ScreenGrabI’ve only had my GoPro Hero3 for a week now, so I’m still playing with all the settings and related software before posting a thorough review.  Since it was time to give my truck it’s spring wash and wax, I thought it would be a good time to catch some time lapse footage.  While I recorded in regular speed, I used the CineForm Studio software from GoPro to speed it up, creating the time lapse.  Click past the jump for the video and more details.

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Spock vs. Spock: New Audi Commercial Serves Up Laughs, Highlights Tech (w/Video)

Audi Commercial Screengrab SpockIn a new advertisement, Audi serves up laughs as two logical beings match wits.  Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy both play up their logical sides as the Star Trek character Spock (Nimoy, of course, the original, while Quinto is portraying Spock in the latest Star Trek movies.  Where they differ is in their chosen transporter; Quinto in the new Audi S7, while Nimoy is piloting a Mercedes-Benz CLS 550.  While we’re used to seeing the four-ringed brand hitch its halo car, the R8, to the Iron Man franchise, it looks as though the luxury brand is branching out.  Hilarity ensues, so check out the video after the jump.

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Video: Jeff Gordon Pranks Used Car Salesman

PepsiMaxCommercialScreenGrabPepsi Max and Jeff Gordon teamed up to prank an unsuspecting used car salesman, using a mis-marked Chevrolet Camaro (Chevrolet didn’t build the new Camaro for the 2009 model year), some strategically-placed cameras, and a clever idea.  Putting the NASCAR driver behind the wheel of a street car leads to some not-safe-for-work language (which is bleeped out) and general hooliganism.  While it’s most likely staged, it’s still quite entertaining.  An article explaining some of the production can be found here.  Check it out below.
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Hyundai’s Marketing Team Shows off Hyper-Matrix (w/Video)

Hyundai’s marketing team has really outdone themselves.  While their counterparts at Kia are busy using hamsters to sell Souls, the guys and gals at Hyundai built a 3-sided projector wall made out of piston-driven cubes, which can apparently display anything you’d like to see in a larger-than-life format.

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