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Owner’s Log: 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat (11/2012 – 1/2013)

OwnersLog2Well, it appears another quarter has flown by, so it’s time for another update on my 2011 Ford F-150 pickup truck.  It was a mostly uneventful quarter, until the very end, when an errant move by another driver caused over $2,500 worth of damage and 11 days in the body shop.  Continue reading for more details about what my truck has been up to in the last 3 months.

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Toyota Recalls 2.5 Million Vehicles over Window Switches

2009 Toyota Camry SE

In the single largest automotive recall since 1996, Toyota will be recalling a grand total of 7.4 million vehicles worldwide, including roughly 2.5 million here in the US.  While the “unintended acceleration” recalls totaled 10 million vehicles, they were issued separately, which is how this is the largest we’ve seen since the 90’s.  The issue stems from faulty driver’s-side window switches, which have a “sticky” or “notchy” feeling, according to Toyota.  Read on for more details and a breakdown of which years and models are being recalled.

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New York Times: How Long to Recoup Hybrid/SFE Trim Level Costs?

Many of you are have seen hybrid versions of cars, or even hybrid-specific models like the Toyota Prius, which combine electric motors with gas engines to get huge gains in fuel economy.  Now there’s a new player in the fuel economy wars: the SFE, or Super Fuel Economy.  It’s a Ford acronym, but I’ll be using it to describe any non-hybrid which uses aerodynamic modifications, special transmission or tires to eke out a few extra MPGs.  The New York Times even posted a comparison on their site, so continue reading for that and my thoughts on it.

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Detroit 2012: Ford Announces 2013 Fusion

Ford’s Fusion, which debuted in the 2006 model year, was a big milestone for Ford.  It marked the beginning of a turnaround for Ford’s car division, which lost its way after the much-lauded Taurus became a dinosaur in the mid-sized sedan market.  Since the Taurus/Five Hundred had moved up to the full-size sedan market, a new mid-sized sedan was called for, especially one which would be competitive against offerings from Honda and Toyota.  The Fusion has been a great success, especially since its 2010 refresh, and for 2013, Ford is pulling out all the stops with its redesign.  Continue reading for details, pictures and Ford’s press release.

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February 2011 Sales and Analysis

February was a great month for new-car sales, with the total volume up 21.28% over January, and almost 27% over February of 2010.  Those are the overall numbers, but the general trend for February was that American car companies had a good time, while most of their overseas competitors struggled.  Click past the jump for my analysis and graphs.

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Redesign: 2012 Honda Civic

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

The current-generation Honda Civic has been on sale since 2005 as a 2006 model.  That’s a long time for any car to go without a full redesign, the 2009 visual changes not withstanding.  For 2009, the main changes were the front and rear bumpers, as well as a new wheel design.  For the 2012 model, it was expected that Honda would release a fully new design.  Based on the pictures, Honda is playing it safe with their new bread-and-butter commuter car.  Read on for more details, pictures and the full press release from Honda.

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