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Toyota Releases fix for 1998-2006 Sienna Minivans

Since Toyota announced their recall of some 600,000 Sienna minivans, I’ve gotten a ton of feedback on this issue from readers, so I’ve been calling Toyota regularly looking for the resolution to this issue.

Well, today I’ve got some good news for you!  Click past the jump for all the details!

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Quick Link: Toyota Sienna Recall

I have had dozens of responses from readers of Road Reality regarding their minivan and Toyota’s lack of a solution for the spare tire corrosion problem which prompted a recall in April of this year, so I went ahead and created a link at the top of the site so anybody affected by this recall can gain quick access to any information I have posted about it.

Thanks to all those who have contacted me about the issue, and if you’d like to send me photos and your experience so far concerning this issue, you can email me directly.

John Suit
Editor, Road Reality


Where is Toyota’s Solution for their Sienna Spare Tire Recall?

Debbie's 2004 Toyota Sienna

One of our readers, Debbie from Wisconsin, sent in some pictures and her experience so far with Toyota’s Sienna minivan recall.  I reported on the original recall notice here, the update here, and Debbie was kind enough to email her dealer’s “solution” to the rusted-out spare tire carrier problem.  Her minivan was bought new and has been primarily driven in Wisconsin, so it falls into the list of 600,000 Siennas to be recalled.  Read her story after the jump.

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Update: No Solution Yet for Toyota Sienna Spare Tire Recall

It’s been 5 months, and as several readers have pointed out,  Toyota still hasn’t come up with a fix for the spare tires falling off of 1998-2010 Sienna minivans.  In the mean time, I’ve placed a call to Toyota’s PR department and am expecting a response shortly.

If you’d like to discuss this recall or share your own experience, please visit the Road Reality Forums through the link below.


Original Post
Toyota Sienna Recall Discussion Thread

by John Suit


PSA: Check your Tire Pressure (Updated)

A lot of people fall into the “I’ll check it later” category when it comes to car maintenance, especially with today’s TPMS setups that use in-car sensors to check each tire’s pressure while you drive.  Despite this technological safeguard, I want to emphasize how important it is to have proper tire pressures, as well as what improperly-inflated tires can cause.

After some reader feedback, I added a bullet about spare tires to the “Checking your tire pressure” section below.

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Recall: Toyota Sienna spare tire problem (Updated)

There are a lot of families out there driving around in Toyota Sienna minivans.  It’s been a popular seller for some time now, with plenty of luxury amenities such as leather, backup camera, DVD entertainment and more.  There’s also a spare tire, like on 99% of vehicles sold in America.  Unlike the others, there is a corrosion problem on the Sienna’s spare tire.

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