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Toyota Recalls 2.5 Million Vehicles over Window Switches

2009 Toyota Camry SE

In the single largest automotive recall since 1996, Toyota will be recalling a grand total of 7.4 million vehicles worldwide, including roughly 2.5 million here in the US.  While the “unintended acceleration” recalls totaled 10 million vehicles, they were issued separately, which is how this is the largest we’ve seen since the 90’s.  The issue stems from faulty driver’s-side window switches, which have a “sticky” or “notchy” feeling, according to Toyota.  Read on for more details and a breakdown of which years and models are being recalled.

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Fun Stuff: Polish Mustang Gathering (with Video)

It’s not every day that a new car-related video impresses me, but the video after the jump sure did!  A group of Ford Mustang fans from Poland got together and cooked up this one.  It’s clean, features lots of shiny go-fast sheetmetal, and the music isn’t obnoxious, like in so many home-brewed movies.  In addition to the cinematography, there’s plenty of hooliganisms going on – smoky burnouts and the like.  Click past the jump for the 5 minute, 23 second long video.

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Fun Stuff: 2010 Chevy Equinox Smoke test Video

How do you make a vehicle quieter?  Seal up all openings.  How do you test to ensure those seals are working?  Fill the vehicle with smoke!  Well, that’s what GM’s engineers did, anyway.  It’s a fun video to watch, even if it’s mostly PR fluff.

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