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We Live in a Great Time For Automobiles

2015 Ford Mustang ConvertibleWhile automobiles were just beginning to mature around this time in the 20th century, their popularity and status is waning (at least in the US) early in this one.  As recent studies suggest, the all-day Saturday test drive has been replaced with Internet research and social media polling.  Up to 11% of new-car buyers don’t even test drive the car they end up buying.

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Spock vs. Spock: New Audi Commercial Serves Up Laughs, Highlights Tech (w/Video)

Audi Commercial Screengrab SpockIn a new advertisement, Audi serves up laughs as two logical beings match wits.  Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy both play up their logical sides as the Star Trek character Spock (Nimoy, of course, the original, while Quinto is portraying Spock in the latest Star Trek movies.  Where they differ is in their chosen transporter; Quinto in the new Audi S7, while Nimoy is piloting a Mercedes-Benz CLS 550.  While we’re used to seeing the four-ringed brand hitch its halo car, the R8, to the Iron Man franchise, it looks as though the luxury brand is branching out.  Hilarity ensues, so check out the video after the jump.

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February 2011 Sales and Analysis

February was a great month for new-car sales, with the total volume up 21.28% over January, and almost 27% over February of 2010.  Those are the overall numbers, but the general trend for February was that American car companies had a good time, while most of their overseas competitors struggled.  Click past the jump for my analysis and graphs.

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Sales Figures: October, 2010

The spookiest month of the year is over … and it wasn’t scary for most automakers.  Sales were down just a hair from September, which I expected, as schools get into full swing and most people start shopping for the holidays.  I don’t expect sales to pick back up until closer to the new year, with some people receiving transportation as a gift, and any leftover 2010 models having their prices slashed.

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Sales Figures: September, 2010

Well, the 3rd quarter of 2010 is over, and sales are down, yet again, for the U.S. automotive industry.  While all the other news outlets are saying sales were up 29% in September year-to-year, sales were down when viewed month-to-month.  While there is 1 less day in September than there is in August, this doesn’t account for a 3.32% drop (almost 33,000 vehicles) from month to month.  Read on for my analysis and graphs.

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UPDATE: Swedish speeder fined $1,014,585

In an update to a story I wrote about earlier this week, the Swedish government has handed down “300 days of fines”, or £2,166 daily, for a total of £650,000.  Translated into USD, that amounts to $1,014,585.  And remember, this is based on his speed and income!  Also featured in the update: the model of the Mercedes the 37-year old driver was piloting; the brand new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, pictured above, which I wrote about before.

by John Suit

Source: The Guardian, thanks for the tip JJ!


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