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Ford Recalls 465,000 2013 Models over Fire Concerns

2013 Ford FusionSeveral of Ford’s 2013 model year vehicles have been recalled.  A total of 465,000 vehicles are being recalled, 389,000 of them in the US, while the remainder are in Mexico and Canada.  There are three recalls in all, so click past the jump to see the breakdowns and more details.

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Detroit 2012: Ford Announces 2013 Fusion

Ford’s Fusion, which debuted in the 2006 model year, was a big milestone for Ford.  It marked the beginning of a turnaround for Ford’s car division, which lost its way after the much-lauded Taurus became a dinosaur in the mid-sized sedan market.  Since the Taurus/Five Hundred had moved up to the full-size sedan market, a new mid-sized sedan was called for, especially one which would be competitive against offerings from Honda and Toyota.  The Fusion has been a great success, especially since its 2010 refresh, and for 2013, Ford is pulling out all the stops with its redesign.  Continue reading for details, pictures and Ford’s press release.

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Opinion: Distance to Empty? (w/Poll)

Starting about 15 years ago, some vehicles began shipping with Distance To Empty (DTE) computers on-board.  These DTE computers take a few variables into account and give the driver a running update of how many miles he or she may drive before they run out of fuel.  Now that I’ve owned a few vehicles which feature these displays, I have come to realize that there are two ways manufacturers calculate DTE: Optimist, and Pessimist (my own names for them).  Read on for the explanation of each and which one I think is better.

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Lincoln’s Complimentary Maintenance becomes Permanent!

Remember a couple months ago when Ford announced it would be offering free 50k/4-year maintenance for Lincoln buyers during the summer months of 2010?  Well, they’ve extended that to all buyers of any 2011 model-year and later Lincolns.  Ford says it’s a way to change the ownership experience for buyers of its luxury brand, and I see it as step 1 of rebuilding Lincoln.

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Ford’s sale of Volvo: Complete. Geely’s cost: $1.8 Billion

Well, it’s finally happened – Ford completed the sale of Volvo to Geely, the Chinese automaker.  Geely forked over 1.8 billion, according to a press release by Ford.  Most of it was in cash, but there was also a $200 million “note” involved.

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Preview: 2011 Ford Explorer

This week, Ford announced a whole lot of details about the upcoming 2011 Explorer SUV, including photos, technology and capability.  They spent a lot of time talking about fuel efficiency and high technology, which I’ll go into after the break, followed by a high-resolution image gallery.

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