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January 2011 Sales Figures and Analysis

With the first month of 2011 done with, a lot of eyes are on the automotive sector of our economy.  New-car sales figures are used by some as a bellwether of the national economy.  If consumers are spending money on new cars, it means they are happy and secure in their jobs, have some sort of savings, and are willing to spend some of their precious income.  When times are rougher, people obviously will forgo buying a new car until their situation improves.

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Welcome to 2011: Toyota announces recall of 245,000 Lexus vehicles

2006 Lexus IS 350

How’s this to ring in the new year?  245,000 Lexus vehicles in the US are being recalled, due to faulty installation of the fuel pressure sensor.  The recall includes a mix of 2006-2009 IS and GS models, detailed after the jump.  No mention of fires, which usually accompany a recall of this sort, but fuel leakage is no laughing matter regardless of whether or not it leads to a fire.

Click past the jump for a better description of the problem, a table of recalled vehicles, Toyota’s press release and Customer FAQ.

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Buick’s Resurgence Continues with all-new Verano

Part of making and keeping an automotive brand viable is introducing new cars to its lineup.  The built-in mechanism for this is that each generation of a car model gets bigger than its predecessor.  This leads to an opening beneath what was once your entry-level car, for a new entry-level car.  For the new Buick, that car was the Regal, but now the Chevrolet Cruze has debuted, giving Buick a workable platform to jump off of.  Read on for details and pictures of the new Buick Verano.

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Road Reality is One Year Old Today!

It’s been a great first year for Road Reality, so I’d like to take a minute or three to share some of the highlights of the past year.  At the same time, I’d like to thank you, my readers, for your continued input, suggestions, and of course questions.  Without you, it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding to run this site!

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Sales Figures: October, 2010

The spookiest month of the year is over … and it wasn’t scary for most automakers.  Sales were down just a hair from September, which I expected, as schools get into full swing and most people start shopping for the holidays.  I don’t expect sales to pick back up until closer to the new year, with some people receiving transportation as a gift, and any leftover 2010 models having their prices slashed.

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Toyota’s Problems Continue: New Brake System Recall

2005 Toyota Avalon

If Toyota were a person, he or she would need some anti-depressants at this point.  After a multitude of recalls earlier this year, another big one is hitting the airwaves.  This time, it’s for the brake master cylinder, which amplifies the pressure you put on the brake pedal, making it easier for you to stop your car.  In certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles, however, a seal is going bad, leaking out the brake fluid, which leads to the “brake warning lamp” illuminating on your dash.  Click past the jump for the affected model list and full press release.

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