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Oops! DC Police Vehicle hits Camaro from Transformers 3! (Updated)

It looks like one DC policeman didn’t get the word that streets in our nation’s capital were being closed for filming of Transformers 3, the latest installment in a kids-toy-turned-movie-franchise.  He was driving with lights and sirens, but as Fox 5 reports, the light he ran was red.  It’s D.C. Police policy that all emergency vehicles at least do a rolling stop at red lights to ensure that no cross traffic is in the way.  The car he struck?  Bumblebee, a new Chevrolet Camaro.  Filming has been moved to Arlington while D.C. does a “Safety Investigation.”  Click past the jump for the video.

Update: 10/12 – DC Announced the new schedule for road closures.  See the details after the jump.

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Audi’s new Ad Campaign Sticks with you (w/video)

The Toronto Film Festival is in full swing, and Audi put some planning and effort into making sure they had a unique way of advertising: they attached magnets to hundreds of model Audis and stuck them all over Toronto, from street lights to billboards, and even in front of a Cadillac CTS-V.  While magnetizing model cars and sticking them all over a city may not seem clever … watch the video after the jump – the ending ties it all together perfectly.

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