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Luxury, Sport … and Fuel Economy? The Lexus CT 200h

At the 2010 Geneva Auto Show, Lexus introduced us to the CT 200h.  Production has been announced, and the new sporty luxury hybrid should be available later this year or early next year, although a specific production date has yet to be announced.  The CT 200h is an odd choice for a company known for smooth, comfortable rides and no-fuss driving experiences.  Read on for more details and the usual high-resolution pictures.

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2011 Lincoln MKX: EPA Certification

This week, the EPA gave Ford the results from its fuel economy tests on the new 2011 Lincoln MKX, and the numbers are great for a crossover of its size: 19/26 city/highway, with a combined 21 mpg.  That’s for the front-wheel drive (FWD) model, so expect the all-wheel drive (AWD) model to get 17/24 city/highway, and 20 mpg combined.

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Pricing for 2011 Honda CR-Z Announced!

Today, Honda has announced the pricing for its upcoming 2011 CR-Z.  The new hybrid from Honda is supposed to bridge the gap between hybrid fuel economy and sportiness.  From the performance figures I’ve seen, it’s leaning more towards fuel economy, but the inclusion of a manual transmission bodes well for the CR-Z.  Standard features include automatic climate control and USB input for the stereo, with the upmarket EX trim level including things like a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a beefed-up stereo.  GPS navigation will be an optional feature as well.  Click past the jump for pricing, EPA mileages, and a gallery of high-resolution pictures of the CR-Z.

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Certified: 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Gas Mileage

I’ve written about the upcoming 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid before, and even speculated on its gas mileage.  Now it’s official!  The EPA has run the new luxury hybrid through its paces, and certified it at 41/36 mpg city/highway.  Those numbers match the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, its Ford-branded sister car.

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Ford Fiesta: 40MPG Highway, 29MPG City

Well, I’ve said a few things about the upcoming Ford Fiesta before, but now the EPA has given it the official fuel economy workout, and the results are impressive: 29 MPG in the city, and 40 MPG on the highway.  After getting their new 2011 Mustang V6 a rating of 19/31 city/highway, Ford is on a roll with its new small car.  The fuel economy numbers for the Fiesta are well above the average car, bordering on diesel and hybrid levels of fuel thriftiness.  Mind you, this is for Fiestas equipped with the optional automatic transmission.  The Fiestas rivals, namely the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris, get 5 and 4 less mpg on the highway, respectively.  The Fiesta will go on sale this summer, and looks to be a hot seller in the compact car arena.

by John Suit

Source: Ford


Update: 2011 Mustang V6 gets 31MPG, sets record

Not in the history of automobiles has a manufacturer created a car that produces 300+ horsepower and gets 30+ MPG.  Well, we can’t say that any more.  The 2011 Mustang V6 was recently tested by the EPA and found to get 31 MPG highway when equipped with an automatic transmission, 29 MPG when equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission.  The city MPG for both transmissions is 19.

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