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GM in Hot Water over Ignition Woes


2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

It’s a tough time to be General Motors.  The recently free-from-government-debt automaker is under the proverbial microscope after 31 accidents in its vehicles killed 13 people.  The problem?  Faulty ignition lock cylinders, which lead to a loss of control of the car.  Continue reading for details, a list of affected vehicles, and the NHTSA’s press release on the recall.

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Video: Belgian PSA Shows How Bad it is to Text While Driving

We all know that a driver shouldn’t be texting while he or she is driving.  Then, some of us do it anyway.  While many states are making it illegal to be texting while driving, it’s still commonplace to see drivers tapping away, completely oblivious to their surroundings.  This practice is infuriating to those of us who actually place some priority on proper driving, since it leads to accidents and backups.  Now, the Responsible Young Drivers (RYD) Belgium has produced the video after the jump, in which it requires teen drivers to pass a “mobile phone test” while driving, in which the instructor dictates a sentence the young driver must text, all while driving on a closed course.  Other than the instructor not wearing a seatbelt in all cases, I think it’s a great way to show people just how much their distraction is affecting their driving.

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Oops! DC Police Vehicle hits Camaro from Transformers 3! (Updated)

It looks like one DC policeman didn’t get the word that streets in our nation’s capital were being closed for filming of Transformers 3, the latest installment in a kids-toy-turned-movie-franchise.  He was driving with lights and sirens, but as Fox 5 reports, the light he ran was red.  It’s D.C. Police policy that all emergency vehicles at least do a rolling stop at red lights to ensure that no cross traffic is in the way.  The car he struck?  Bumblebee, a new Chevrolet Camaro.  Filming has been moved to Arlington while D.C. does a “Safety Investigation.”  Click past the jump for the video.

Update: 10/12 – DC Announced the new schedule for road closures.  See the details after the jump.

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100 MPH crash caught by police officer’s dash camera!

A 100-mph (estimated) crash was caught on a dashboard camera by a Sugarcreek Township police car, in the Beaver Creek area of Ohio.  The driver, 19 year-old Brennan S. Eden, was driving his Pontiac Firebird on the median strip when he struck the guardrail, launched his car sideways, and careened into the center post of an overpass.  At that point, he was ejected from the car and the car itself split into 3 pieces.  Surprisingly, Eden lived, and was conscious at the scene, although for obvious reasons he was flown to Miami Valley Hospital where he’s listed in critical condition.  The crash happened around 7:15am on August 23rd, shutting down southbound traffic for 6 hours on I-675.  Click past the jump for the video.

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Breaking News: Tesla employees die in plane crash!

AutoBlog picked up on a story out of Palo Alto, where it appears that 3 Tesla Motors employees died this morning in a plane crash.  The plane was a twin-engined Cessna belonging to one of Tesla’s senior electrical engineers, Doug Bourn.  Continue reading for more details, video and pictures.

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DOT Bans texting for Commercial drivers

A lot of states have begun banning texting for drivers, and some go as far as fining drivers who aren’t using a hands-free device, such as Bluetooth, to make and receive their calls.  A study by Virginia Tech Researchers found that drivers who are distracted by cell phones and other devices are 23 times more likely to crash than those who pay attention to the road.

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