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16,000 Ford F-Series Pickups Recalled over Transmission Concern

Even the best-selling pickup truck in America can have a bad day, and this is the F-Series’ day.  Ford is recalling a bit more than 16,000 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 trucks.  The issue is the switch that prevents a driver from shifting from Park into Neutral or Drive.  Normally, it stops drivers from shifting out of Park unless the brake is pressed, but apparently some faulty switches were installed into the affected vehicles.

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128,000 Ford Fusions and Mercury Milans Recalled over Wheel Stud Issue

2010 Mercury Milan

Last week, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that Ford is recalling over 128,000 Ford Fusions and its sister car, the Mercury Milan, because of a problem with the wheel studs.  The recall only effects Fusions and Milans with steel wheels, not alloy ones.  Wheel studs are threaded bolts by which a vehicle’s wheels are attached.  They run through the brake hub, and if enough of them break, the wheel could literally fall off of the car.  Continue reading for more details and the NHTSA’s press release.

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Honda Recalls Odyssey, Acura RL because of Shared Supplier

2007 Honda Odyssey

Last week, Toyota recalled a total of 740,000 vehicles.  This week, because it uses the same supplier for some of its brake components, Honda is recalling almost 472,000 vehicles for the same issue – leaking brake fluid can cause loss of pedal pressure and result in more effort required to stop an affected vehicle.  Interestingly, the only vehicles mentioned in the recall are the Acura RL and Honda Odyssey, which nobody would suspect of sharing braking components.  Click past the jump for the press release and details.

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Toyota’s Problems Continue: New Brake System Recall

2005 Toyota Avalon

If Toyota were a person, he or she would need some anti-depressants at this point.  After a multitude of recalls earlier this year, another big one is hitting the airwaves.  This time, it’s for the brake master cylinder, which amplifies the pressure you put on the brake pedal, making it easier for you to stop your car.  In certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles, however, a seal is going bad, leaking out the brake fluid, which leads to the “brake warning lamp” illuminating on your dash.  Click past the jump for the affected model list and full press release.

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BMW announces Recall of 198,000 V8 and V12-powered Cars

2005 BMW 750Li

If you own a late-model 5,6, or 7-series BMW or a Rolls-Royce Phantom, your car may be part of a recall being initiated by BMW this week.  The recall affects 198,000 cars from model years 2002 to 2010.  In the recalled cars, a leak can develop in the power braking system, leading to lessened braking assistance.  While this would not cause a full loss of braking ability, the driver of an affected vehicle will have to use more pressure on the brake pedal to bring their car to a full and complete stop.  Read on for the press release and complete list of affected vehicles.

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Nissan taunts Toyota in new commercial

In it’s “Innovation for All” series of commercials, Nissan is underhandedly going after Toyota.  Although the automaker says it is not targeting one specific rival, it’s pretty clear to me that they have Toyota in their sights with this one.  The commercial shows a Nissan vehicle coming to a stop.  On a dime.  And the voice-over is telling us all about Nissan’s brake override system, and how they started installing it on cars 6 years ago.  Video after the jump.

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