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Review: 2010 Mini Cooper S Hardtop

2010 Mini Cooper S 01The iconic Mini Cooper.  Released in the 1960’s through 2000, its shape and size have made it recognizable world-wide.  In 2001, BMW (Mini’s parent company) released upon the world the newest Mini Cooper.  Larger in size and more luxurious in amenities than its predecessor, it’s a thoroughly modern Mini for the modern world.  This is the second-generation R56 model (2007-2013).  Continue reading for my review of this premium compact.

While I’ve had this car for almost a year, a busy personal life (and Road Reality being a hobby) left me with little time to detail the Mini and take pictures of it.  This review will be updated with pictures once I get the time this spring, both to clean and photograph the Mini).  Sorry for the delay, I’ll have quarterly posts going up soon too, so you can keep track of its progress in my stewardship.

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Replacing an Heirloom: Bye-Bye BMW, Hello, er, BMW? (Part 2)

1992 BMW 525i 01In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I chronicled my ownership of a family-owned 1992 BMW 525i, including it ups and downs.  Click here for Part 1.  In this part, I’ll be going through the replacement process, from narrowing down the literally hundreds of choices, to finding the car I wanted.  Continue reading for Part 2.

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Replacing an Heirloom: Bye-Bye BMW, Hello, er, BMW? (Part 1)

1992 BMW 525i 01While I never got around to blogging about it, a 1992 BMW 525i resided in front of my house for the past two years, recently replaced by another car.  This post will serve as a chronicle of its journey under my ownership.  The 525i was a gift from a relative, and though it only accumulated a shade more than 5,000 miles in its two years in my care, I learned a lot from it, and wish it well with its new owners, wherever and whomever they may be.  I’ll dip into some of the technical bits, but don’t fret – I won’t stay long.  I hope you enjoy reading about my BMW as much as I enjoyed owning it.  So, let’s get started …

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We Live in a Great Time For Automobiles

2015 Ford Mustang ConvertibleWhile automobiles were just beginning to mature around this time in the 20th century, their popularity and status is waning (at least in the US) early in this one.  As recent studies suggest, the all-day Saturday test drive has been replaced with Internet research and social media polling.  Up to 11% of new-car buyers don’t even test drive the car they end up buying.

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BMW Recalls almost 505,000 Cars for Stalling Issue

2011 BMW 3-Series

2011 BMW 3-Series

In one of its largest recalls to date, BMW is recalling 504,545 of its cars because of stalling concerns.  The recall affects 1-Series, 3-Series and Z4 automobiles, including model years from 2007 to 2011.  The cause for the stall is a faulty connection between the battery’s positive cable and the car’s fuse panel.  Continue reading for more details and a table of affected vehicles.

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Detroit 2012: GM Announces 2013 Cadillac ATS

Cadillac’s CTS sedan, coupe and wagon range, as well as their enhanced V counterparts, have brought Cadillac up to BMW’s level.  The CTS-V has even bested cars well above its pay grade.  While the CTS was created to contend with BMW’s 5-Series sedan, Cadillac needed to do something about BMW’s volume-seller: The 3-Series.  Enter the Cadillac ATS, announced at this year’s Detroit auto show.  Combining rear-wheel drive, a sporting demeanor and an inviting interior, BMW just may have a fight on its hands.  Continue reading to see plenty of pictures and my breakdown of the upcoming 2013 Cadillac ATS.

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