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DIY: 2010 Mini Cooper S (R56) Spark Plug Replacement

2010 Mini Cooper S - CroppedWhen I recently put my 2010 Mini Cooper S into the shop for a new windshield, I was notified that my car was due for spark plugs.  Through a bit of research, I found out that it’s a pretty easy DIY job, so that’s what I chose to do.  Sounds simple, but was it really?  Read on to find out.

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Owner’s Log: 2010 Mini Cooper S Hardtop (2/2015 – 2/2016)


If you were wondering where the quarterly updates were on my Mini, wonder no more!  With only 2,668 miles put on the Mini last year, I felt it was a little much to give more frequent updates.  If you feel otherwise, let me know.  Regardless, it was mostly a fun year, so read on to get the details.

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Owner’s Log: 2010 Mini Cooper S Hardtop (11/2014 – 2/2015)


One year of ownership!  While it wasn’t all smooth sailing, it’s been a lot of fun.  The Mini needed some TLC, and continues to light up my smile when I’m behind the wheel. Read on to hear about the tumultuous last quarter for the Mini Cooper.

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Review: 2010 Mini Cooper S Hardtop

2010 Mini Cooper S 01The iconic Mini Cooper.  Released in the 1960’s through 2000, its shape and size have made it recognizable world-wide.  In 2001, BMW (Mini’s parent company) released upon the world the newest Mini Cooper.  Larger in size and more luxurious in amenities than its predecessor, it’s a thoroughly modern Mini for the modern world.  This is the second-generation R56 model (2007-2013).  Continue reading for my review of this premium compact.

While I’ve had this car for almost a year, a busy personal life (and Road Reality being a hobby) left me with little time to detail the Mini and take pictures of it.  This review will be updated with pictures once I get the time this spring, both to clean and photograph the Mini).  Sorry for the delay, I’ll have quarterly posts going up soon too, so you can keep track of its progress in my stewardship.

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Owner’s Log: MaximumPhil’s 2010 Nissan Maxima, Update 9

OwnersLogPhil has had his Maxima three years, and it’s been mostly smooth sailing.  He continues to send in biannual updates just like clockwork, with only a few issues reported this time.  It looks like overall he’s happy with his car, so click past the jump to see all the pertinent details.

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Review: 2012 Ford F-150 XLT

2012 Ford F-150 XLT Front 2While the 2013 F-150s have been on sale for a few months now, there are many leftover 2012s, and some used ones are hitting the dealership lots as well.  A couple of months ago, my own F-150 was involved in an accident (no fault of my own), which gave me the opportunity to drive a rented 2012 Ford F-150 XLT for 11 days while my truck was being repaired.  The rental experience included some quality time with Ford’s relatively new 5.0-liter V8, code-named Coyote.  The V8 gives the F-150 a very different personality from my own truck, which is equipped with Ford’s EcoBoost twin-turbocharged V6.  Read on for more details and my review.

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