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Video: NHTSA Distracted Driving PSA (w/Poll)

NHTSA PSA Video ScreengrabDistracted Driving is in my top three pet peeves behind the wheel, if my top pet peeve.  Accidents caused by distracted driving are so tragic, because they’re easily prevented.  For phones, Bluetooth connectivity helps quite a bit, and the prices have come down, so I’m curious as to why it hasn’t become commonplace, even when states like Maryland pass Distracted Driving laws making it illegal to use your phone without being hands-free.  Hopefully this new PSA by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) can start to curb the latest in in-car distractions.  Click through the jump to see the videos.

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Motor Trend Announces 2012 Truck Of The Year

Well, it’s award time in the automotive industry!  Last week, Car & Driver announced its Top 10 Cars of 2012, and this week, Motor Trend has announced their Truck Of The Year winner, the Ford F-150.  With around 650,000 variations, not including paint colors, there’s something for everyone.  The F-150’s configurational highlights include four engine choices, three bed lengths, three cab lengths, and a myriad of creature comforts and capability-enhancing options.  The engine which gave the F-150 a leg up in the competition was the EcoBoost V6, with its twin-turbo and direct injection technologies.  Its power and fuel economy bested that of the V8s in its rivals.  Click on over to Motor Trend to read their press release.

by John Suit

Source: Motor Trend

Image Source: Motor Trend







February 2011 Sales and Analysis

February was a great month for new-car sales, with the total volume up 21.28% over January, and almost 27% over February of 2010.  Those are the overall numbers, but the general trend for February was that American car companies had a good time, while most of their overseas competitors struggled.  Click past the jump for my analysis and graphs.

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January 2011 Sales Figures and Analysis

With the first month of 2011 done with, a lot of eyes are on the automotive sector of our economy.  New-car sales figures are used by some as a bellwether of the national economy.  If consumers are spending money on new cars, it means they are happy and secure in their jobs, have some sort of savings, and are willing to spend some of their precious income.  When times are rougher, people obviously will forgo buying a new car until their situation improves.

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December 2010 and a Year-end Wrap-up for Automotive Sales in the US

Well, the end of the year came and went, without much fanfare.  While everyone in Times Square watched the ball drop, the automotive companies selling their hardware in the US were counting the last of the sales figures.  How did everyone fare?  Click past the jump to find out!

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Sales Figures: November, 2010

Another month closer to the end of the year, and another slump for the new-car market.  Beating the slump were Nissan, Suzuki and Volkswagen, while BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru all had minor losses.  It was a slow month, and put the US Automotive industry at a total of 10.4 million new-car sales for 2010.

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