Owner’s Log: MaximumPhil’s 2010 Nissan Maxima, Update 9

OwnersLogPhil has had his Maxima three years, and it’s been mostly smooth sailing.  He continues to send in biannual updates just like clockwork, with only a few issues reported this time.  It looks like overall he’s happy with his car, so click past the jump to see all the pertinent details.

Period covered: 01/01/13 – 06/30/13
Miles driven this report:  2650
Avg MPG this reporting period:  18.8
Lifetime miles driven (36 mos.):  18300
Avg lifetime mpg as reported by on board computer:  18.5

Services Performed:
Routine scheduled maintenance.  Replaced dead battery, reset TPM light, replaced cabin filter.  

With this report, I conclude my third full year of ownership, and by and large am well satisfied with this Maxima SV.   As with my previous (’04) Maxima SL, I use regular grade gasoline (87 octane)  exclusively and without any perceptible degradation of performance.  With exception of the items noted below, there is little of note to report.  I remain impressed by its generally low maintenance costs and overall driving experience.  However: 

Item #1 – 01/24/13: 15731 miles:   Original battery (in service date 07/01/10) died for second time.  Replaced under warranty, pro-rated cost to me $114 (which I thought high) and disappointing in a car that up to this time had stood out for its nearly faultless performance.  Nissan Service multi-point check list performed, no problems noted.

Item #2 – 03/18/13: 16,501 miles:  Tire pressure light blinking.  Service technician reset light.  No charge, no recurrence.  Multi-point check list performed, no problems noted.

Item #3 – 05/10/13: 17,714 miles:  Nissan service replaced cabin filter, $35.  Multi-point check list performed, no problems noted.

Item #4 – 07/12/13:  Just as my three year warranty expired, and therefore technically not relevant to this reporting period, the driver’s leg-extender failed to lock in place on several occasions, sliding out several inches without any positive action on my part.  I don’t regard it as a serious driving issue, although it is disconcerting.  I have yet to take it back to the dealership for repair and may not do so if it turns out to be cost prohibitive – as I suspect, since the 36 month warranty is now expired. 

by MaximumPhil



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