Owner’s Log: 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat (4/2013 – 7/2013)

OwnersLog2I’ve had my 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat for 21 months now, so it’s time for another update.  In the last quarter, I put more miles on it than almost any other three-month span, mostly due to a few fun road trips.  Other than golf outings, it hasn’t had to haul much, but the engine finally seems to be broken-in, so fuel economy is on the rise.  Continue reading for the details.


Time Period: 4/19/2013 – 7/18/2013
Miles Driven: 3,105 / 18,760 (this update / total) (2,939 in last update)
Average MPG: 17.6 mpg (reported by on-board computer)


Maintenance Costs: none
Total Cost (non-fuel): $105.75

Services Performed:

  • 16,716 – It took two more visits to get the Rear Defrost issue fully taken care of.  After replacing the HVAC Command Module, the technician tested the rear defrost, with the same results: light not coming on.  Following Ford’s diagnosis procedures, he used a test light to see whether or not the rear defrost was actually working (it was) and then ordered a replacement back glass.  Yes, the entire rear glass, slider and all, was replaced by Ford under warranty.  This did fix the issue, however, and the work was done quickly and a rental car was provided.
  • 16,716 – On one of the trips up to get the rear defrost working again, I noticed that my driver’s side door speaker was intermittently cutting out.  I mentioned it to my service advisor, and the technician followed the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) on door speaker harness replacement.  Replacement speaker wiring was installed at the same time the rear glass was installed.


Another great quarter with my F-150, but not without its hiccups.  The several service visits were frustrating, but I needed my truck several weekends in a row, which meant I couldn’t just drop it off at the dealer and wait to hear back.  After getting the warranty work out of the way, it was smooth sailing, and sail I did.  Three road trips during this time piled on the highway miles, which is why the average MPG is 17.6 for this quarter.  I also noticed that compared to when it was new, the EcoBoost engine returned 3+ MPGs better on the same highway route, which points to a (finally) broken-in engine.  Power remains prodigious, and the throttle pedal is still smile-inducing.

As recent as July 4th weekend, while returning from Virginia Beach, the truck surprised me.  Loaded down with 3 adults, 3 sets of golf clubs, as well as all our luggage and a cooler full of ice, sodas and water, the truck still averaged 18.5 MPGs while stuck in epic traffic.  It took us 6.5 hours to get from Virginia Beach to Fredericksburg, VA, a drive which took around 2 hours on the way down.  I credit a judicious use of my right foot, as well as coasting and avoiding the brakes as much as possible.

This truck continues to be a willing commute and road trip partner, shining in its comfort, amenities and relatively good fuel economy.  While other EcoBoost owners continue to have problems, mine has only needed the aforementioned warranty work and regular maintenance.  I hope Ford finally comes out with a real fix for those owners affected by acceleration issues.

Dated Notes:

  • none

General Observations:

  • none

by John Suit


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