BMW Recalls almost 505,000 Cars for Stalling Issue

2011 BMW 3-Series

2011 BMW 3-Series

In one of its largest recalls to date, BMW is recalling 504,545 of its cars because of stalling concerns.  The recall affects 1-Series, 3-Series and Z4 automobiles, including model years from 2007 to 2011.  The cause for the stall is a faulty connection between the battery’s positive cable and the car’s fuse panel.  Continue reading for more details and a table of affected vehicles.

2009 1-Series

2009 1-Series

In the affected vehicles, the connection from the battery to the fuse panel, including both the positive wire end and the fuse box’s terminal, may degrade, leading to a loss in electrical power to the vehicle.  This loss in power effects all the controls of the car, including the engine, which leads to the stall.  It also poses a risk because of the lack of power steering and brake assist, making it harder (but not impossible) for a stalled vehicle to be controlled.

BMW will begin notifying customers in March of 2013, as the recall begins.  Dealers will replace the positive battery wire and the method by which it is secured to the fuse panel, free of charge.  Below is a chart of the affected vehicles:


Model Body Style Model Years Start Build Date End Build Date
1-Series Coupe & Convertible 2007 – 2011 12/2007 7/2011
3-Series Coupe & Convertible 2007 – 2011 3/2007 7/2011
3-Series Sedan 2007 – 2011 3/2007 10/2011
3-Series Sport Wagon 2007 – 2011 3/2007 6/2011
Z4 all 2009 – 2011 3/2009 6/2011


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by John Suit

Source: BMW via NHTSA


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