Owner’s Log: MaximumPhil’s 2010 Nissan Maxima, Update 7

Phil’s had his 2010 Nissan Maxima for a whole 2 years now, so congratulations, Phil!  Still not a lot of miles (less than I had on my own 2010 Maxima in the 19 months I owned it, in fact), with only one issue to report so far.  Read on for more details.

Note: MaximumPhil is reporting on a semi-annual basis.

Period covered: 01/01/12 – 06/30/12
Miles driven this report: 1,982
Avg MPG this reporting period: 17.4
Lifetime miles driven 24 mos. 13,615
Avg MPG lifetime 19.0

Services Performed:
03/05/12 – (Mileage 11,634) – Battery would not turn over.  I called AAA and technician advised that the problem was a dead cell.  He jump-started the car.  No charge.  As the battery was still under warranty, I drove the car to the dealership where I purchased it.  Interestingly, the Service Department there found the battery to be in good condition and it passed their battery test.  No charge.  I don’t know who to believe, but there have been no subsequent issues with the battery.

06/08/12 (Mileage 13,249) – Routine scheduled maintenance performed at dealership to include multi-point inspection, battery check, tire wear, brake pads, tire rotation/balance, 5 qts synthetic oil and filter, and Virginia state inspection.  All systems good to go.  $143.43.

I have now owned this vehicle for 24 months.  As with my ’04 Maxima, I use regular grade gasoline without any discernible degradation of performance.  Perhaps because my Maxima has very few miles on it, there is nothing of note to report except that the car continues to run without any problem, and I continue to be well pleased with it.

Best regards,
Maximum Phil

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