Owner’s Log: 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat (1/2012 – 4/2012)

The last three months haven’t seen a ton of miles piled on my 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat, but it’s been a quite enjoyable time with it.  For more pictures and my thoughts after initially purchasing the truck, see the review I wrote on it.  In the past quarter, I’ve logged almost 2,400 miles, so read on to see what I’ve done with the truck in that time.

Note: Starting with the last Owner’s Log post, updates will be quarterly for the first year, semi-annually after that.


Time Period: 1/19/2012 – 4/18/2011
Miles Driven: 2,376 / 5,977 (this update / total) (3,601 in the last update)
Average MPG: 16.6 mpg (reported by on-board computer)


Maintenance Costs: $0.00
Total Cost (non-fuel): $0.00

Services Performed:



Since I acquired another vehicle in February (but still haven’t posted the review), the F-150 hasn’t been driven too much, except for a couple of road trips and hauling stuff around.  Still, the gas mileage has kept improving, especially once the 5,000 mark was hit.  Even with a half a bed of dry firewood (still 200 to 300 pounds), the gas mileage has been nothing short of exemplary for a vehicle which weighs the better part of three tons.  I’ve also tried a tank of premium gas (regular is required, premium is recommended for hot weather or heavy towing), and the F-150’s EcoBoost engine seems to have woken up to that, and gets better fuel economy as well.  It’s hard to say if the increase is enough to justify always running premium, but with regular gas over $4.00/gallon in the Washington, D.C. area, the difference in price is minimal.

Of note, the highway comfort is great with this truck.  Plenty of room for my wife and I to stretch out, coupled with the smooth ride and great road presence, leads to far less stress on the highway.  The cruise control is excellent, as is the power going up hills.  The only downside is that (as you’ll see below), 4 hours is about the max I can sit in the driver’s seat before needing a break to stretch my legs.

Dated Notes:

  • 02.05.2012 – 402 miles on a single tank of gas – half highway, half city.  Not bad!
  • 02.21.2012 – After 4 hours in the driver’s seat, really needed a break.
  • 02.22.2012 – 452 miles on one tank – mostly highway.

General Observations:

  • none

by John Suit



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