The 2011 Ford Explorer … in the snow! (w/Video!)

It’s winter time in the United States, and for a great number of us, that means snow!  While the white stuff is pretty look at, it wreaks havoc with our road system.  Further, many drivers simply don’t know how to adjust their driving habits for foul weather, and end up playing bumper cars.  Click past the jump to see how well the 2011 Ford Explorer helps its driver stay on course.

The YouTube channel for the 2011 Ford Explorer (and this applies to the 2012 models as well) has a good number of videos highlighting the features and capabilities of Ford’s newly-redesigned SUV.  I’m highlighting the snow-bound Explorer video and the aforementioned YouTube channel because of its (mostly) high-quality videos and informative content.


by John Suit

Source: YouTube


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