Owner’s Log: MaximumPhil’s 2010 Nissan Maxima, Update 6

Phil’s had his 2010 Nissan Maxima for 18 months now, and is still pleased with his purchase.  During this last reporting period, he had a scheduled maintenance check-up done.  Read on for Phil’s experience in the last quarter.

Note: From now on, updates from MaximumPhil will be made on a semi-annual basis.


Period covered: 10/01/11 – 12/31/11
Miles driven this report:  1,015
Avg MPG this reporting period: 18.3
Lifetime miles driven 18 mos. 11,015
Avg MPG lifetime 19.3

Services Performed:

11/08/11 – Sched. maintenance to include multi-point inspection,

battery check, tire wear, brake pads, etc., revealed all good to go.  Only cost incurred was for routine replacement of the micro cabin filter.  All systems good to go.                .               $82.50

12/02/11 – Factory recall, navigation system update.                      N/C

Nothing of note to report except that the car continues to run well, period.  So far, I’ve been spared the issues that John Suit experienced in his Maxima with the balky rear sun shade, assorted rattles, and the Rocking Seat Syndrome.  Other systems such as brakes, electronics, etc., have performed as expected.

Best regards
Maximum Phil


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