Owner’s Log: MaximumPhil’s 2010 Maxima Update 5

Phil’s had his 2010 Nissan Maxima for 15 months now, and from his own words, it’s been a good time.  A recent road trip with his wife resulted in some pretty good gas mileage.  Read on for Phil’s experience in the last quarter.


Time period covered: 07/01/ – 09/30/11 (15 months of ownership)
Miles driven this reporting period: 2,506
Average MPG this reporting period: 21.8 (reported by owner)
Lifetime miles driven 15 mos.) 9,538
Average MPG lifetime: 19.7

Services Performed:

Oil Change – May 2, 2011 synthetic blend

Costs: Maintenance: $0
Other costs (non-fuel): $0
Total costs: $0


With only 9,500 miles on my Maxima, one should expect few, if any, problems and that is exactly what I am reporting for this quarter and first 15 months of ownership – no shakes, rattles,  squeaks, or repairs, just a routine oil change. A deliciously boring report, but still an exciting ride.

Speaking of rides, in mid-August my wife and I took a seven-day road trip from Washington, D.C. to Greenville, S.C., via Brevard, N.C., and returning via Williamsburg, VA, a trip of 1,266 miles, Our total driving time was 26.25 hours, which included a number of side trips in and around the Greenville/Pickens area, and we averaged 47.8 mph getting 25.1 mpg, including side trips.  Factors impacting on these statistics negatively included encountering significant rush hour traffic crawl between DC and Manassas on I-66, and again while heading home from Williamsburg, another hour+ back-up on I-95, caused by a multi-car pile-up.  All of the foregoing had pulled down our average speed, mpg, and increased the hours of driving time.

I’m happy to report that my Maxima continues to handle very well, is quiet, reliable and comfortable, and all-in-all is a fine

Best regards
Maximum Phil


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