Owner’s Log: 2010 Nissan Maxima, Update 4

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve had my 2010 Nissan Maxima for a full year now! A tick over 15,000 miles, several road trips, and lots of seat time have been recorded.  Read my original review first, if you haven’t already, and then click past the jump to see what’s been going on in the past few months and if my first thoughts on the car remain true.


Time Period: 12/16/2010 – 3/15/2011
Miles Driven: 3,756 / 15,138 (this update / total) (4,123 last update)
Average MPG: 20.9 mpg (reported by on-board computer)


Maintenance Costs: $57.47
Total Cost (non-fuel): $241.69

Services Performed:

3/15/2011 – $57.47 – Third oil change, at 15,138 miles, using a Mobile 1 oil filter and Mobile 1 Synthetic 5w-30 oil, as per the owner’s manual.  Also included a tire rotation.  The oil and filter came from Advance Auto Parts during a sale they had – $32.99+tax for 5 quarts of Mobile 1 and a Mobile 1 oil filter.


With a colder and wetter winter than expected, a few things changed from the fall, most of which caused poor gas mileage.  Because of frequent snow falls and having to sit in traffic and slush, as well as not taking any road trips, my MPGs suffered.  The engine is finally getting broken in, so I’m seeing a rise in fuel mileage, which is the most positive thing leading into what promises to be an expensive summer, taking into account the trouble in the Middle East and already expensive gasoline.

After a year with the Maxima, overall I’d say I’m happy with the car.  Despite a rattle in the sunroof when going over bumps, it’s smooth sailing for this 4-door sporty car.  The horsepower is plentiful and in easy reach of my right foot, and its sheetmetal never fails to impress onlookers and myself.

Dated Notes:

  • 3/12/2011 – Had 4 people in the car today, and acceleration was still adequate, if not as brisk as when I’m by myself.  Going up hills was not slowed much by the extra weight.  Also, rear seat passengers report that the bench back there is comfortable, and they like the auxiliary A/C and audio controls in the fold-down rear center console.

General Observations:

  • The car is driving well, except for a rattle in the sunroof shade when the sunroof is open.

by John Suit



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