2005-2006 Ford F-150 Recalled over Airbag Issue

The NHTSA has been looking into the many complaints it has received about the airbags on 2005-2006 Ford F-150 pickup trucks, 77 of which have led to injuries.  It turns out that a wire in the steering wheel can cause the airbag located there to go off, which can easily cause injuries.  More details after the jump.

The NHTSA had originally requested that Ford recall 1.3-million trucks, after 238 complaints have come in, but Ford found that only the first shift at its Norfolk, VA plant.  The resulting recall only affects about 150,000 trucks.

What happens is that a wire in the steering wheel could be positioned improperly, leading to chafing and eventually a short, which causes the airbag light to illuminate, and after that, the airbag deploys.

The recall is expected to begin in early March, and owners will be notified at that time.

by John Suit

Source: AOL Autos


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