Buick’s Resurgence Continues with all-new Verano

Part of making and keeping an automotive brand viable is introducing new cars to its lineup.  The built-in mechanism for this is that each generation of a car model gets bigger than its predecessor.  This leads to an opening beneath what was once your entry-level car, for a new entry-level car.  For the new Buick, that car was the Regal, but now the Chevrolet Cruze has debuted, giving Buick a workable platform to jump off of.  Read on for details and pictures of the new Buick Verano.

When the Chevrolet Cruze was developed, it was intended that it share lots of its bits with the Volt, it’s high-tech cousin.  Meanwhile, no car company in recent years has been shy about sharing platforms across its brands, least of which GM.  But whereas the GM of old would have replaced the Chevy badges with Buick ones, added portholes on the hood or fenders, and gussied up the interior, the new GM changed the sheetmetal, really reworked the interior, and offers up gutsier engines than the Cruze has, including what looks to be the mill from the Regal GS.  The base engine appears to be the same one as found in the base Regal.

Other things found inside the Verano include available heated seats and steering wheel, the latter of which isn’t usually found in a compact car of any kind.  Past that, push-button start is a welcome feature, as are auto-down windows.  Curiously, there is only auto-up on the front windows.  Adding the auto-up feature would’ve been cheap, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be included.

GM also touts the Verano as being quieter than most mid-sized and large sedans, much less the compact luxury sedans it competes with.  They even go so far as to call it “library quiet.”  With the quantity of sound deadening material listed in the press release, I’d believe it – and they used some thick glass too.  Thicker windshields and side glass are used to keep out road and traffic noise, and they work quite effectively.

Underneath the car, the special Watts Z-link suspension is designed to isolate the car from the road surface, so at least the Verano isn’t trying to be everything to everyone.  By keeping the car solely focused on quiet, comfortable cruising, Buick is more likely to have a sales success.

GM lists the Lexus IS 250 and Audi A3 as its main targets for the Verano, but whereas the Lexus and Audi are known for their sporting intentions, the new Buick will have none of that.  I’m not sure yet how it will compete with either of them, but given that the IS 250 is very un-Lexuslike in the loud and harsh departments, and the Buick follows in its bigger brethren’s shoes, I see good things ahead for GM’s tri-shield brand.

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by John Suit

Source: GM


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