Redesigned Chrysler 300 Makes its Debut

At long last, the Chrysler 300 is getting an update!  Since its introduction in 2005 model year, it’s seen only minor changes, but now we see the 2011 Chrysler 300 with its redesigned interior and exterior.  Keeping the same general shape, the new sheetmetal isn’t so much revolutionary as it is evolutionary, which should be a good thing for the Fiat-run domestic automaker.  Click past the jump for a slew of pictures, the press release, and my impressions.

The new bodywork on the 300 is more rounded, with more creases, lending it a more modern look than the previous generation, which featured a decidedly retro theme, although the rear view reminds me of the 1950’s-era finned cars and makes me wonder if designers are returning to that design cue.

Out front, a crease running the length of the hood breaks up what would otherwise – and currently is – a large mesa of steel.  Moving along the sides of the 2011 300, the slit-window profile is present and hasn’t been too heavily modified.  This is definitely a good thing, as I found the distinctive profile attractive on the 2005-2010 model.

If there’s anything I don’t like about the outside, it’s the chrome strip that runs the width of the trunk.  It looks out of place, even if it’s meant to be there in lieu of a true chrome bumper.

Inside, Chrysler has done a number on what was a fairly plain and angled setup, instead opting for more organic rounded shapes.  The updated gauge cluster is a welcome sight, removing the last of the “Indiglo” bluish-green backlighting that Chrysler loved 10 years ago.  In its place is a cool blue lighting, used throughout the interior for a cohesive look.  The only shape that seems out of place is the trim ring around the center console, a rounded-rectangle.

Throughout the interior, the hard, angular plastics have been replaced by soft touch materials, including lots of leather, as seen on many of the Pentastar’s updated 2011 models.  There’s even the seemingly ubiquitous dual-panel moonroof, as seen on many a luxury car in the past few years.

While engines haven’t weren’t mentioned in the press release, expect the new Pentastar corporate V6 and an updated Hemi V8, both with better power and fuel economy than their predecessors.

Overall, the new 300 should boost its sales, which have steadily declined as the previous generation’s looks became quickly dated.

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by John Suit

Source: Chrysler


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