Owner’s Log: 2010 Nissan Maxima, Update 3

I’ve had my 2010 Nissan Maxima for 9 months now, so it’s time for another update with the requisite statistics and observations.  For a refresher, read the review I wrote, the first update, and the second update.  Click past the jump for what’s been going on for the last 3 months.


Time Period: 9/16/2010 – 12/15/2010
Miles Driven: 4,123 / 11,382 (this update / total) (3,034 last update)
Average MPG: 21.6 mpg (reported by on-board computer)


Maintenance Costs: $78.50
Total Cost (non-fuel): $184.22

Services Performed:

10/11/2010 – $0.00 – Warranty work performed to stop the “popping” noise coming from the roof.  (read related article)

11/5/2010 – $78.50 – Second oil change, at 10,000 miles, using Nissan OEM filter and Mobile 1 Synthetic, as well as a tire rotation.  I bought the oil at Costco for $34.85, and the service was performed at a local automotive repair shop.


As it’s gotten colder, the heated steering wheel and heated seats are performing admirably, and are very useful options.  Between that and the automatic climate control, driving when it’s cold outside is made much more comfortable.  I attribute the increased fuel mileage to the engine breaking in, the extra road trips and less need for air conditioning.

Dated Notes:

  • 9/26/2010 – Just returned from a road trip – even with some stop-and-go traffic, the Maxima averaged 25 mpg.
  • 10/4/2010 – First chilly days of fall, and the heated steering wheel is awesome!
  • 10/24/2010 – Another road trip, this time from the Washington, D.C. area to Pittsburgh, PA.  Averaged 25.5 mpg, so it looks like the engine is breaking in nicely.  This gas mileage is higher than expected due to the large elevation changes during the drive to and from Pittsburgh.

General Observations:

  • The driver’s-side windshield wiper slings water onto the passenger side of the windshield, leaving water on that area.  Not a huge nitpick, but annoying nonetheless.
  • When really pressing on the gas pedal, the car wants to “tramline,” where it steers back and forth a little bit.  This is only problematic when driving over pavement which isn’t pristine.
  • Learned a tidbit about the 2009+ Maxima’s gas pedal.  Once you’ve “put the pedal to the metal,” there is another half inch or so (just push harder), which allows you to use the car’s full acceleration potential.
  • When going downhill, the car automatically attempts to prevent you from picking up speed – great for going down steep hills!

by John Suit


2 Responses to “Owner’s Log: 2010 Nissan Maxima, Update 3”

  • i have had my maxima for about 3 mounths. we like the car very much but i have just one problem with it. i didnt notice the clunking noise under the hood when i test drove the car. i guess i was excited about the car . it was our first new car. but when i started noticing the clunking noise under the hood i took it to a dealer. they didnt have any idea what it was until they called nissan. nissan told them it was the abs module and that that was normal. i was not pleased with there answer. i mean who buyes a 35000 dollar car with a clunking noise under the hood? they tried to cover it up with the doors locking about the same time it makes the noise. the problem is i can hear it and i dont think a new car should make a clunking noise anywhere. we drove new chevrolets,hondas,kias and a new dodge.none of those cars made any noise like this one does.i called another dealer and he said he had never heard of it.i thought hay man you are behind the times. they even have it in the owners manuelon page 5-24. the problem is who reads the owners manuel before he buys a car? maybe i should have.

  • hey that noise is the self check of the abs system i dont even realize it anymore i just know that it will save me one of these days everytime i hear it this car is amazing if you compared it to a similarly equipped 5 series it would be 60000, and everyone stares at my car saying what is that omggg thats the new maxima!! so nice

    well enjoy the car it will grow on you


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