2011 Ford Explorer Achieves 25% Increase in Fuel Economy

The 2011 Ford Explorer, which has undergone an extensive redesign, so far as to make it car-based rather than truck-based, has another ace up its sleeve in the new crossover/SUV wars: a bump to 17/25 city/highway gas mileage for its base V6, a full 25% increase over last year’s V6 model.  Click past the jump for more details and the full press release.

When Ford announced that the 2011 Explorer would no longer be truck-based, many of its fans scoffed at the idea.  Then it became known that the new Explorer would keep a lot of its off-road capability, and things quieted down.  Through a series of announcements, Ford made it known that the engine offerings for its bread-and-butter SUV would be revamped, as would the interior, exterior, and of course, the electronics.

We’ve seen plenty of pictures and specifications for the new SUV, which is more crossover than SUV anymore, but until now, it was anybody’s guess as to the efficiency of the new powertrains.  I predicted 16/23 city/highway for the new V6, but they beat even my guess, which is fantastic.

With its new EPA rating, the Explorer should win over a lot of people who want a go anywhere, do anything vehicle, without sacrificing at the pumps.

When the EPA rates the EcoBoost 4-cylinder which expected later in the 2011 production cycle, you can be sure I’ll have a report for you on it!

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by John Suit

Source: Ford


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