Update: Ford’s EcoBoost F-150 Runs Baja 1000 in 38 Hours!

Remember in September, when Ford announced that they were torture-testing their new EcoBoost-powered F-150?  Well, the results of the Baja 1000 off-road race are in, and the twin-turbo F-150 ran the entire race in 38 hours.  Just finishing the Baja 1000 is an accomplishment, but the F-150 had a well-used engine in it.  Click through the jump for details and the press release.

First, a random EcoBoost V6 was pulled off the assembly line in Cleveland and hooked to a dynamometer, which measures engine power.  It was run for an equivalent of 150,000 miles before being mated with a 2011 F-150 chassis, and then it towed and hauled.  Then it was put into the truck that ran the Baja 1000.  To say it was a broken-in engine is putting the scenario mildly.

The last test, the Baja 1000, added another 1,061 miles to the odometer on the engine, and it completed the race without fail.  Now, the engine is being transported back to Ford’s powertrain laboratory for a teardown and inspection, the results of which you can be sure will end up here on Road Reality.

Meanwhile, the fact that the engine didn’t blow up is a sign that Ford has a tough engine on its hands, which is great, since they plan on using the EcoBoost V6 in most of their lineup.  You can already buy an EcoBoost V6-equipped Ford Edge, Flex, Taurus and now the F-150, as well as Lincoln MKS, MKT and MKX.

Congrats to Ford’s race team for completing the race!

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by John Suit

Source: Ford


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