Grand Caravan makes Grand Appearance

One of the last to be announced, the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan is finally being shown off by Chrysler.  Similar to its Chrysler Town & Country twin, the Grand Caravan is getting its mid-cycle refresh.  Slightly redesigned bodywork and Dodge’s new and greatly-improved interior show up, as does the new Pentastar V6.  Click past the jump for the requisite details, pictures and press release.

Marketing their people-mover to the active and adventure set, Dodge has given its redesigned minivan the corporate cross-bar grille and LED taillamps, with little other changes.  Check out the gallery below to see what I mean – when’s the last time a surfer thought about a Grand Caravan as their every day vehicle?

Inside is a different story, as we’ve seen from Chrysler of late.  Better materials are used, as is the now-familiar 3-spoke steering wheel with auxiliary radio and other controls, as well as upgraded electronics packages, featuring the latest in in-car infotainment requirements.

The Pentastar corporate V6 makes an appearance in the Grand Caravan, replacing all 3 engines offered in the 2010 model.  With a 6-speed automatic behind it, the refreshed minivan shouldn’t be a slouch.  Dodge also revised the suspension, in an attempt to make it more fun to drive.  If you’re shopping Chrysler or Dodge, the more aggressive vehicle will be the Dodge.

Unlike the Avenger, the interior of the Grand Caravan isn’t all black, featuring contrasting windshield trim and center console, with plenty of cubbyholes to store all your stuff.  Multi-colored gauges brighten things up further.

The refreshed Dodge Grand Caravan will be on sale later this year.

Show Press Release

by John Suit

Source: Chrysler


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