Honda Recalls Odyssey, Acura RL because of Shared Supplier

2007 Honda Odyssey

Last week, Toyota recalled a total of 740,000 vehicles.  This week, because it uses the same supplier for some of its brake components, Honda is recalling almost 472,000 vehicles for the same issue – leaking brake fluid can cause loss of pedal pressure and result in more effort required to stop an affected vehicle.  Interestingly, the only vehicles mentioned in the recall are the Acura RL and Honda Odyssey, which nobody would suspect of sharing braking components.  Click past the jump for the press release and details.

Even if they couldn’t be more different – a flagship luxury sedan and a people-mover, the RL and Odyssey must share brake master cylinders, the components in your braking system that amplifies your pedal effort to stop your car.

2006 Acura RL

The recall affects 2005-2007 Acura RLs and Honda Odysseys, so if you own one, expect to get a recall notice from Honda in the near future.

Honda gets a nod for their quickness in identifying the supplier and issuing a recall on this matter, but seriously, it seems like it’s Recall Month on Road Reality!

Show Press Release

by John Suit

Source: NHTSA


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