13 Chrysler Employees Fired after Fox 2 Catches them Drinking on the Job

A Detroit-based Fox 2 reporter was tipped off to some startling activity going on at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, MI.  Last week, reporter Rob Wolchek captured several Chrysler employees drinking on their lunch break at a public park, as well as consuming what could be marijuana.  Not only did he and his camera crew catch them one day, but all week!  That just stuns me, with as much trouble as the automaker is in, it can’t afford to have people on the payroll who aren’t sober during their shift.  Chrysler apparently agrees, since they’ve now fired 13 of them, and suspended 2 more for a month without pay.  Read on for more details and the incriminating video and follow-up report.

Chrysler issued a press release yesterday about the incident, announcing the disciplinary actions, and following up with this statement:

“Our customers can be assured that the Jefferson North Assembly Plant has implemented a comprehensive quality system for all of the vehicles it builds. This system has redundant controls that do not allow a single person’s error to result in a quality problem flowing to the customer.”

In the press release, Chrysler cited a pair of clauses in their “Standards of Conduct” policy as grounds for the dismissals and furloughs it doled out as punishment.  Their policies state that workers are strictly forbidden from consuming or being under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs while conducting company business or being on company grounds.

Original Newscast:

Follow-up Newscast:

by John Suit

Source: Chrysler, myFOXdetroit.com


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  • Well that’s a whole new level of irresponsibility. I’m happy that they were fired but you’d think Chrysler would have mandatory drug tests since, you know, they make machines that could be deadly if not put together correctly.

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