Rebuilding a Legend: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

So, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is upon us.  Redesigned from the ground up, the new Grand Cherokee gets a newer version of the Mercedes-Benz ML chassis, and strapped to that is some rather handsome sheetmetal.  Inside, more soft-touch materials are at hand than before, and the creature comfort count has risen significantly.  I’m looking to get my hands on one for review, so until then, enjoy the details and photos after the jump.

With the newer Mercedes DNA baked into the 2011 Grand Cherokee, some nice things happen.  First, ride quality is improved.  Second, the 4×4 system is improved, with plenty of user-controllable settings for surfaces like snow and sand.  Third, look and feel.  While the exterior is evolutionary, the interior is revolutionary, with features to help the Grand Cherokee compete far better than its predecessor.  Things like dynamic vehicle control and high-tech goodies like Bluetooth audio.  Both fit and finish on the interior and exterior are greatly improved as well.  All of this put together means trouble for the Grand Cherokee’s competitors, who for years have had nicer interiors and more creature comforts while the Grand Cherokee rested on its laurels.

by John Suit

Source: Chrysler


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