Honda recalling over 380,000 vehicles because of Runaway risk

2003 Honda Element

The NHTSA has reported that certain Honda vehicles can have their “interlock” devices defeated.  Confused?  The interlock device they’re referring to is the one which stops the key from being removed while the gear selector is in a position other than Park.  Click past the jump for the affected vehicles and a more in-depth explanation.

2003 Honda Accord

If your car or truck is equipped with an automatic transmission, as soon as you take the vehicle out of Park and put it into any other gear, usually Reverse, Neutral or Drive, the ignition locks your key in so it can’t be removed.  This prevents you from taking the key out while the car is potentially in motion.  If this interlock were to fail, you could accidentally leave your car in neutral when getting out, letting it roll away and out of control.

Honda has verified that the following vehicles are equipped with faulty interlocks:

  • 2003 Honda Civic
  • 2003 Honda Accord
  • 2003-2004 Honda Element

2003 Honda Civic

Only vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions are affected by this recall, and dealers will be replacing the ignition interlock free of charge starting at the end of September.

by John Suit

Source: NHTSA, Honda


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