Swedish Speeder could face $962,000 fine

A 37-year old Swedish driver, who has remained unnamed, was caught speeding in his “black Mercedes-Benz”, which cost $240,000, at 180 mph.  This points me in the direction of the new SL65 AMG, which retails at around $200,000 USD.  According to officials, that could be a record for the country, and the driver faces a fine of up to $1 million Swiss francs, or $962,000 USD, based on the Swedish government’s formula which fines speeders based on their speed and income level.

While older speeding cameras in Sweden only work up to 125 mph; anything faster than that doesn’t record a violation, the speeder drove past one of the newer cameras, which work in excess of 125 mph.  After the flash, the driver apparently needed over a half mile of roadway before he could come to a stop, although he claims that the speedometer was faulty.

by John Suit

Source: MSNBC Europe


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