Ford ups power for 2011 Super Duty

In the power wars of heavy duty pickup trucks, Ford and GM have gone back and forth for several years with their turbodiesel engines.  Ford’s 2011 Super Duty, equipped with the all-new Ford-designed 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel engine, for instance, has 390 horsepower and 735 foot-pounds of torque.  Not content to sit back and let Ford get all the glory, GM announced that their heavy duty diesels would be churning out 397 horsepower and 700 foot-pounds.  Well, Ford has an announcement for you – click past the jump for more details.

In a not-so-shocking announcement this week, Ford says that they’ve upgraded the engine control software for the new engine, netting an even 400 horsepower and 800 foot-pounds of torque, besting GM’s engine by a fair margin.  Even better news:  Ford will be mailing out a flyer to current 2011 Super Duty owners letting them know that they can get the new software added to their trucks for free at their local Ford dealer, in a process which shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, given the dealership’s work level.

by John Suit

Source: Ford


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