Lexus HS250h Gets Pinto-Like Recall

Well, despite a lot of automakers learning from Toyota’s previous recall mistakes, it seems the automaker’s luxury segment didn’t learn a lesson from Ford’s mistake in the 1970’s, the Pinto fires.  According to Jalopnik, Lexus is recalling their 2010 HS250h luxury hybrid sedan, due to excessive fuel leakage resulting from a rear-end collision.

The NHTSA runs a test where a deformable moving barrier strikes the rear end of a car at about 50mph, and during the test on the Lexus HS250h, it was found that more fuel leaked than regulations allow.

Lexus NCIR Filing

While the report hasn’t yet hit the NHTSA’s Recalls & Defects site, it appears as though Lexus is going to try and get in front of this recall, although as of this writing, the manufacturer hasn’t devised a solution for the roughly 13,000 affected vehicles.

Stay tuned to Road Reality for updates as they become available.

by John Suit

Source: Jalopnik


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