New Road Reality Feature: Owner’s Log

The review for the 2010 Nissan Maxima that I bought in March is still forthcoming … I promise!  It’s been one hurdle after another to get some good pictures of it.  The wording is all ready to go, but alas, it’s been mostly crappy weather here in the DC Metro area, and when the weather IS nice, I’ve been too busy or the camera’s batteries weren’t charged.  But enough excuses, I’m at least going to start the “Owner’s Log” section of the web site!

Much in the way that the major magazines have their long-term test fleets of cars, I will be featuring all the services, gas mileage averages, notes from both myself and passengers, and anything else I can think up.

The purpose of this section of the site is to track the reliability and Total Cost of Ownership for whichever car(s) I happen to own, or yours if you’d like to join.  I encourage any of you out there who keep track of gas mileage, repair costs or other data relevant to car ownership, to email me and we will set up your own vehicle as part of the Owner’s Log.  This may include interviews (via phone or email), pictures of your car, repair/maintenance bills.  With privacy in mind, any license plates in pictures will be redacted, and no actual receipts will be posted on the site – only the bottom line figures.  Also, names can be omitted as well, if you’d like.

Come back soon for the first Owner’s Log entry, on my 2010 Nissan Maxima, after 3 months of ownership.

The format for the Owner’s Log updates will be as follows:


Time Period: Start Date – End Date
Miles Driven: Miles Driven during Time Period / Total Miles on Car (this update / total)
Average MPG: Average MPG over the lifetime of the car


Service Costs: Service Costs
Maintenance Costs: Normal Maintenance Cost

Total Cost (non-fuel): Total Non-Fuel Costs

Services Performed:

A list of all Services performed during the Time Period


Summary of overall experience during the time period

Dated Notes:

A list of notes which were logged on a certain date

General Observations:

List of general observations, by driver and/or passengers

by John Suit


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