Video: MythBusters crash cars for science

MythBusters Host Jamie Hyneman

On last night’s MythBusters, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman wrecked a bunch of cars.  Why, you ask?  All in the name of science.  In a previous episode, Jamie said that two cars hitting each other at 50mph was the same as one car hitting an immovable object at 100mph.  Viewers wrote letters to the pair of hosts, complaining that Jamie was incorrect.  Read on for the videos and more synopsis.

MythBusters - Adam Savage

The explanation given by irate viewers was Newton’s 3rd law, that actions have equal and opposite reactions.  While this may be brain-bending, the video and resulting crashes show how it works, and the MythBusters have created a must-see video for anyone who drives a car.  Beyond showing the science and proving the viewers correct, it shows exactly what happens to a car during 50 and 100mph crashes.  Certainly eye-opening.

Part 1:

Part 2:

by John Suit

Source: MythBusters


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