PedalGate: Updates from this week

So the hearings are going on in Congress, with consumers, senators, congressmen, Akio Toyoda and the NHTSA, among others.  Ed Towns, who has spearheaded efforts to drag Toyota into Congress, has said that Toyota withheld documents it was required to turn over to regulators during recalls and investigations throughout the last several years.  It hid them by settling in multi-million dollar court cases when the discovery of said documents was likely.  On top of that, Toyoda himself said the company will pay to fix the issues.  That’s the year’s biggest “duh” moment, if you ask me.

I see a lot of trouble forthcoming for Toyota, as if it hasn’t had enough already.  On top of all this, Toyota has extended the brake override system installation to more vehicles, as we reported earlier in the week, and there’s quite a bit of speculation, as seen in this video, that the problem is in fact electronic, and not purely physical.  Keep your browser tuned here, as I’m sure more information will come out as the hearings progress.

by John Suit

Source: Automotive News


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