Breaking News: Hyundai stops sales of 2011 Sonata

AutoBlog is breaking the news that Hyundai has ordered all sales of 2011 Sonatas to be stopped, due to a faulty door lock.  Many Fords and other brands have allowed passengers to open the doors by pulling on the interior door handle, even if it’s locked.  Hyundai has a problem with their version of the design, wherein if the door lock switch is held in the “lock” position while the door handle is pulled, it may not return to a closed, and therefore latched, position.  This would lead to a door which doesn’t latch closed, definitely a problem.

While approximately 5,000 Sonatas have been sold, Hyundai is heading this one off at the pass, a good call given rival Toyota’s recent troubles.  Keep your browser tuned here for more news as it becomes available.

by John Suit

Source: AutoBlog


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