Is Nissan having problem with its driveshafts?

2010 Nissan Titan

According to, Nissan is reportedly investigating the driveshafts sourced for its trucks and SUVs from Dana Corporation.  This affects both Nissan and Infiniti, but since SUV and truck sales are down for the automaker, it limits the amount of damage any recall could do.  Dana Corporation is known in the off-roading world for their rugged axles, so this is an odd one if you ask me.

Nissan had this to say to the Bureau:

“Nissan/Infiniti vehicles built with one of these yokes will not experience a loss of control or present a safety risk even in the unlikely event the part should fail.”

The only risk I could see is that if the driveshaft disconnects at one or both ends, your vehicle may lose parts, which could hit other vehicles.  If a driveshaft drops, you’ll certainly notice it, as it will make a lot of noise scraping against the ground.

2010 Nissan Frontier

In a bit of an interesting twist, an unnamed source told the Bureau that only the Nissan Titan and Frontier pickup trucks are involved in the investigation.  Given the current recall frenzy started by Toyota, I’d expect Nissan to recall the vehicles, and they have until the middle of this week to do so, so expect an update later in the week here on Road Reality.

This recall might be related to the Toyota Tacoma recall announced last week, in that Dana Corporation is the supplier for the drive shafts on affected Tacoma pickup trucks.

by John Suit



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