PedalGate Updates: 2010 Camry recalled, 2004-2008 Tacoma investigated

It seems that Toyota just can’t keep out of the spotlight.  Now it’s recalling 7,314 four-cylinder Camry sedans over a faulty power steering hose, which has been found as the reason behind a loss of brake fluid.  It appears that the power steering hose rubs against one of the brake hoses, and over time may wear a hole in it, causing the car to leak brake fluid.  This leads to a loss of braking power.

The second recall announced today is for the Tacoma pickup truck.  There have been 514 reported incidents, leading to 71 accidents and 17 injuries.  While Toyota says that most incidents “are related to minor drivability issues and are not indicative of a safety-related defect,” I have a feeling that it’s their PR spin doctors at the helm, as the number of accidents and injuries is higher than I would accept.

by John Suit

Source: Automotive News, NHTSA via AutoBlog


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