Toyota USA President Jim Lentz tapes recall fix

Jim Lentz, the President and COO of Toyota USA visited one of the automaker’s own dealerships, and brought along a video crew.  What follows is the video from that visit, showing the “reinforcement bar” being installed.  The reinforcement bar is really a shim that’s attached to the underside of the gas pedal in an effort to fix the sticky gas pedal situation Toyota is battling right now.  Click through the jump for details and the video itself.

While the video is informative, it does skip a key step, the selection of shim thickness by the technician performing the recall.  According to Toyota, the shims vary in thickness, and each pedal needs to be tested by a special gauge to determine the proper shim thickness required to bring the gas pedal’s friction level back to normal.  In reality, the fix will take 30-60 minutes per car.  The times are expected to lessen as more and more technicians become familiar with the recall procedures.

by John Suit

Source: Toyota via YouTube via Autoblog


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